Film Study

For Film Study, our class is watching ‘Finding Nemo’. We are talking about the facial expressions, audio and visuals. Its really a great way to learn about movies. I found out that the animators that draw out the basic sketch of the characters, have a mirror so that they can see the facial movements so that they can draw it realistically on the characters. Also, while the movie was playing, I tried to concentrate on the sounds. I noticed the different instruments playing while the character was talking. I LOVE the detail they put into the movie!!!

I enjoy learning about animation and voice acting and everything involved in that subject. Its fun to learn like this because I’m interested with animating and how they make movies and ESPECIALLY voice acting. I’ve always been mesmerized with behind the scenes of movies. Who wouldn’t want to learn about something they love like this! I hope that they find a way to teach us like this in Math and History!

100 Word Challenge

It was far too hot to go camping…
but Dad was determined to stick to tradition. Every first Friday of the month, we would go out camping at the same place, at the same time, in the same tent, with the same people. Me, Mum, Dad, Sandra, Genevieve, Stuart, Danny, Manfred and Uncle Davy. All the kids were squished into one tent and, as usual, the parents get there own tent. We used the minibus, again. As usual, we all complained about going to the same place over and over again, except for Manfred the youngest, that has only gone camping 8 times.

Once by Morris Gleitzman

My class just finished the first chapter of Once. The book by Morris Gleitzman. I like how he put in more than one ‘and’ in one sentence. I like what he did with the front and back cover. It was rather interesting BUT, there is one thing that I do not approve of. THEY BURNT BOOKS ON THE BACK!!! I’m gonna go CRAZY! I can’t believe that someone would do such a thing. Terrible. I hope that its the main problem of the book and there had better be a solution.

Agents of SHIELD

NOOOOO. I just finished all the episodes of Agents Of Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcements Logistics Division and know that there aren’t any legal episodes left in Australia, I’m left hanging for 3 WEEKS. that may not sound like much, but for MARVEL fans, its EVERYTHING. Why can’t I stay in America until I finish the entire series. Why does America get to watch it first. This is TORTURE!!!!!!

I think I’m gonna go comfort myself with some cake.