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My name is Renee. I’m 12 and my favourite subject in school is Art and Writing. At home I am a serious reader. I read in the morning, on the weekend, after lunch, after dinner and before bed. I do it for the adventure. I also enjoy drawing. I have drawn most of the DC superheroes (Batman, Superman, Wonderwomen, Green Lantern, Red Tornado and Black Canary. My best friend is the TV. I also I am a HUGE fan of  Merlin, Sherlock Holmes and especially Marvel. I LOVE Marvel (If you don’t know, its the Co-operation that has Hulk, Iron man, Captain America, Wolverine, Mr Fantastic, The Thing and all those heroes.). I am really close to my sister that introduced me to Marvel and now I quote all day.

If we have something in common, why not let me know and reply.

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10 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thanks Kate. I have heard of Arrow and it sounds really cool. I’d really like to watch it but my mum says its not suitable for my age. When get a bit older it will be at the top of my ‘Must Do’ list. I really like your blog, as well.

  1. I just started watching Sherlock, isn’t it great? I also like Marvel things, though I haven’t seen them all. I’ve heard a lot about Merlin, do you think I should watch it?

    • Hi, Lizzie. I’m so happy that so many people have so much in common with me. I haven’t seen all of the Marvel movies either. But I’ve watched a lot of them. I have watched The Avengers, Thor, Thor 2, Ironman 1, 2 and 3 and Captain America. What ones have you watched?

  2. I love the TV!! And who doesn’t love Sherlock and marvel. Words can’t describe how much I love my precious TV. I even asked my dad to hook a TV to my bedroom ceiling just so I can watch TV laying down .

    • Wow! You sound just like me. And hooking your TV to your ceiling, AWESOME! I can’t believe that we have so much in common. My sister has seen Arrow and she says that it is AMAZING! Though she thinks that I’m too young to watch it, :(. Which type of Sherlock do you watch, Robert Downey Jr or Benadict C? And have you watched Agents Of Shield? Are you in America? Cause if you are and you do watch A.O.S, PLEASE tell me who dies. In Australia we get episodes late.

  3. I also love to draw! Is it okay if I add you to my blogroll? And maybe you should check out my blog. We seem to have a lot in common.

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