100 Word Challenge

It was far too hot to go camping…
but Dad was determined to stick to tradition. Every first Friday of the month, we would go out camping at the same place, at the same time, in the same tent, with the same people. Me, Mum, Dad, Sandra, Genevieve, Stuart, Danny, Manfred and Uncle Davy. All the kids were squished into one tent and, as usual, the parents get there own tent. We used the minibus, again. As usual, we all complained about going to the same place over and over again, except for Manfred the youngest, that has only gone camping 8 times.

2 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. Renee –

    You’ve chosen to change the prompt bit, which is fine, and then gone on to tell the first part of a story. It’s well constructed, and you get a good feel for the set-up – it would be interesting to know what’s going to happen next. I liked the punctuation, and particularly the short sentence: “We used the minibus, again.”, which conveys how fed up you are!

    Check spelling – “…the parents get their own…” – and do you mean “…who has only gone camping…” at the end?

    Minor points, though: well done.


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