Film Study

For Film Study, our class is watching ‘Finding Nemo’. We are talking about the facial expressions, audio and visuals. Its really a great way to learn about movies. I found out that the animators that draw out the basic sketch of the characters, have a mirror so that they can see the facial movements so that they can draw it realistically on the characters. Also, while the movie was playing, I tried to concentrate on the sounds. I noticed the different instruments playing while the character was talking. I LOVE the detail they put into the movie!!!

I enjoy learning about animation and voice acting and everything involved in that subject. Its fun to learn like this because I’m interested with animating and how they make movies and ESPECIALLY voice acting. I’ve always been mesmerized with behind the scenes of movies. Who wouldn’t want to learn about something they love like this! I hope that they find a way to teach us like this in Math and History!

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